Erin Chargin, M.S.

EI/ECSE Specialist, Behavior Analyst, Director & Owner

Chelsea Schottenloher

Administrative Assistant

Desiree Hughes

Insurance Coordinator

  Desiree started with Learning Solutions in the fall of 2013. She came to us with 8 years of Special Education experience through the Elk Grove Unified School District and 15 years of insurance experience through a state wide insurance firm.┬áDesiree oversees all aspects of our insurance department. She acts as the liaison between our

Alyssa Barfknecht

Human Resources Specialist

Renea Marlow, B.A.

Supervising Scheduler

Renea graduated from SF state with a bachelors in child development. She started in the field as an in home tutor while in college at sf state. She started with LS in 2013 as the day to day scheduler, then she moved on to the regional scheduler and is now the supervisor of the department.